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It's Been A Long Time...

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Yes, it's been a while since I reached out in this way.

And I want to reconnect with you!


My most recent inner journey began early in 2022. I had agreed to be the trustee of a friend's estate without a full understanding of all that would entail. So beginning in February through December of last year I've been immersed in activities that required a great deal of mental focus and required learning a myriad of things unusual to me, leaving little time for all else, including writing and sending emails to you!

Now that I've, for the most part, completed the majority of tasks as trustee, I find myself feeling somewhat like a foreigner in my

own life! 😳

It's amazing how we humans become accustomed to our habits (samskaras), our brains etching patterns of behavior that become integrated into our everyday lives.

I'm excited to be reuniting with and rekindling my passion for sharing the wisdom of Yoga for those in their Wisdom Years. 🥰

My yogic studies have opened me into a shift in approach to Yoga for the aging body, a tender shift that I am embracing and excited to be offering. 🧘🏼‍♀️

So, if you're new to yoga, or been away for a while, I'm inviting you to begin this new year with a free month of practice with me online. No need to get all dressed up, get in your car, drive to a studio, park and then setup. Instead, you can roll out of bed, have some tea, turn on your computer, roll out your yoga mat and "Voila" you're all set to practice🧘🏽

You'll find a loving commUnity of yogis like yourself who you can connect with online, without leaving the comfort of your home!


Be a Resilient Yogi, choose the Resilient Yogi Plan which offers you

5 classes a week... 2 Hatha Yoga classes, 2 Yin Yoga classes, and

1 Restorative Yoga class each week with a Yoga Nidra practice the

last Tuesday evening of each month! All in The Resilient Yogi plan.

You can find the link here⬇️

If you're already practicing Golden Age Yoga with me, I'm so grateful

and happy you've continued this practice. I want to offer all current Resilient Yogis a free, one hour online private session with me. Simply reach out to me and we will schedule a time⬇️

I welcome you to share this with your friends and family,

the ones you hold dear.💞 Yoga is a wonderful way to insure that you will be able to enjoy resiliency throughout the years.

May your year be filled with Abundance of All Good Things


Filled with Ease and Grace

Check out my website here⬇️

Share with friends and family



Sending You Love

From My Heart to Yours,





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