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How to Join Our 


Want to join our CommUnity? Below are ways that you can get started practicing and connecting with the Golden Age Yoga CommUnity.
When you create a site account, you will be able to manage your Monthly Plan billing and cancellation, comment on Golden Age Yoga & Wellness blog posts, follow and engage with other site members, and more.
Use the same email & name for your site membership and your Monthly Plan.
Next, purchase a Monthly Plan

Purchase one of our three available Monthly Plans to gain access to Golden Age Yoga live, online classes and much more!

Looking for a free trial?  We have four!

We offer a FREE 30-day Trial of our most inclusive Monthly Plan, The Resilient Yogi. Get access to all Golden Age Yoga classes, the On-Demand Video Library, and Pop-Up Classes now!

The Radiant Yogi plan includes one evening class each week with an alternating focus on Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. You'll find a FREE 30-day Trial for this plan too!


Our newest plan, The Wise Yogi, includes two new classes each week,   Brain Longevity Yoga and Chair Yoga. Choose either or both for the same price and get access to the On-Demand Video Library created just for these two classes!

Enjoy a FREE 14-day Trial for this plan!


We also offer a FREE 30-day Trial with The Inspired Yogi plan. Practice Yoga at your convenience. Get access to our ever growing On-Demand Video Library, anytime ~ anywhere, starting now!

To view and purchase a Monthly Plan, click below.

Creating an account on our website does not mean you have purchased a Monthly Plan and will not provide you access to live, online classes or our extensive video library.
We recommend that each member of our CommUnity create an account on our website AND purchase a Monthly Plan to get full access to all that
Golden Age Yoga & Wellness has to offer. 
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