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Nidra Nights ~
Yoga Nidra Class

About The Class

Wind down with Yoga Nidra on the last Tuesday evening of the month. Yoga Nidra is truly a life changing experience - a practice in and of itself to compliment one’s journey towards self-discovery. The practice of Yoga Nidra has many attributes: reducing stress, depression and anxiety, improving one’s mood as well as sleep patterns, regenerating cells and balancing brain function, to name just a few. Yoga Nidra is most often practiced lying on a mat or blanket on the floor but can also be practiced while seated in a chair.

Held last Tuesday of the month from 7 - 8pm PDT.

You will need:

  • A Yoga Mat

  • Blanket(s) (1-4)

  • Pillow(s)

  • Candles, essential oils (optional for your comfort)

  • Your open mind and heart

*Equipment not provided. For equipment recommendations or alternatives, please visit our blog posts below.*

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