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Do you ever wonder "What happened to my practice" ?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I just want to mention how happy I am to once again thrive in the sunshine though it may be just for this afternoon!

I love rain and am sooo grateful for the abundance we have been blessed with, though it hasn't been easy for many.

And to all those who have endured through outages, fallen limbs and trees, flooding and landslides, I offer my heart ~ full of love and prayers for ease as you repair the damages and return to a more

harmonious situation.

With this email it's my intention to offer encouragement.

For some of us, returning to or starting a yoga practice is daunting.

Perhaps you have relaxed your personal disciplines through the Holidaze, where gathering with friends and family might have meant feasting and lounging, lingering into later nights and later mornings.

Taking a break from routine.

And now it's time to re-engage with your more "normal" life

in the most meaningful ways, and if you're reading this,

than yoga just might be what resonates for you now.

It can be difficult to make the shift to committing or re-committing yourself to a practice, even though you're yearning for it!

Self discipline is challenging, and when there isn't an established momentum one must shift the current energy from inertia to action.

At times such as these, when inertia seems to be your master, it takes a little bit of inspired action to start moving

into that rhythmic flow again.

Perhaps establishing a rhythm inclusive of practicing yoga

on a schedule feels arduous.

The desire to create that special time, just for you continually coming up against phone calls, drop-in guests, requests for your time and attention constantly interfering with your best intentions. Or your to-do list is calling for action and you'll just take care of a few of those important items and then you'll begin practicing.

I know and have experienced all of these things.

But there is no-one who can ever do it for us...

We simply have to take the steps towards our desired outcome!

Let me remind you of a few things...

Yoga is a perfect vehicle to create Well-Being!

In an hour or an hour and a half (or less) one has an opportunity to practice and evolve many skills. Here are just a few,,,

  • We practice being present. Honing our attention, disciplining our mind and strengthening our brains by focusing on our breath. This gives us a respite from the busyness of the external world, including mass-media, social media, and all the various distractions that hinder our ability to stay focused and learn new things, which in turn helps maintain optimal brain longevity.

  • We enjoy pranayama, the regulation of the breath through mindful breathing, using a rhythmic cycle that downregulates the nervous system(s) and relaxes all the body's muscles and connective tissues.

  • We develop our ability to perceive interoceptively, sensing into the internal feelings within the body as we move through a variety of postures. Interoception is the process by which the nervous system recognizes and translates internal sensations in order to keep the body in balance, homeostasis. Interoception lets you understand and feel the internal state of your body.

  • We develop proprioception (or kinesthesia)~ the sense though which we perceive the position and movement of our body, an awareness of where our body parts are in space, including our sense of equilibrium and balance. Developing both interoception and proprioception can help us stay safe in our bodies as well as keep our bodies safely moving through the spaces which surround us.

  • We maintain and grow muscular strength through an engaged practice.

  • We enjoy continued flexibility and perhaps grow greater flexibility through our yoga practice.

  • Our nervous systems learn to relax and let go rather than being perpetually stressed and excited. We develop this skill which allows us to feel and sustain being in a state of calm...something that isn't fostered in our culture. This in turn helps to regulate blood pressure and other systems in our bodies that keep us in a healthy equilibrium, or homeostasis.

  • Through the practice of yoga, because we are focused and have slowed way down, we often gain insights and deepen our awareness of who we are being and who we are wanting to be. We see ourselves more clearly and often have deepening moments of understanding which translate into becoming more fully realized and authentic in our lives and benefitting all our relationships....

  • We connect with other like-minded people in a safe and comfortable setting.

We feel Resilient, Radiant, Refreshed, Relaxed, Renewed!

More serotonin is produced,

We feel happy.

Yoga works! It's that simple.

So, if you for any reason at all have stopped your practice and are having difficulty starting it up again, or if you have been putting off starting a practice, or if you are just simply curious about yoga ~ this is your opportunity!

I am offering a FREE 30 day trial of my most popular plan on my website ~ The Resilient Yogi plan.

Sign up for your FREE 30 day trial here.

You've got nothing to loose. you can always cancel at the end of

your 30 day FREE trial.

If you're practicing with me currently, or have been in the past, I am offering a FREE hour long online, or if it's practical, in person, session with me where we can go over and address any areas of concern you may have regarding your practice. Click the tab below to set up a time.

I am excited to have a new year to enjoy and discover new things about my body, my own being, and life itself.

I welcome you to join with me in this very special journey we all share ~ being human in this pivotal time on our very special planet, Earth.


Sending You Love

From My Heart to Yours,





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