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Loving Kindness Needed Now

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

We've been inundated with storms and hit hard with wind and water...

I just received a phone call from an elder student who was on his roof with his chainsaw as he dealt with a Redwood tree that fell through his roof, taking down a wall as it fell.

May he be safe as he works to save his home.

Many are without electricity. Some have lost homes, their properties devasted by floods, fallen trees, and landslides.


It is my sincere hope that this email finds you safe, warm, with plenty of water, food, and the necessities of life.

As we weather these storms

May we all have the support we need.

May we all be sheltered and warm.

May we all remain connected with those we love.

May we all be safe and protected.

May we know we are Loved.



Sending You Love

From My Heart to Yours,





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