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Resilience, Radiance, Renewal

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

The practice of yoga, though known primarily as a physical practice, offers us so much more than a physical experience.

Yoga provides a space to get to know oneself, a space to learn to move from a calm, centered place, taking time to guide our efforts towards our own inspirations and intentions, not just on the mat, but also in life's day to day moments, whether those moments are filled with simple tasks, or with gigantic challenges, our practice will inevitably build the tools to live with intention and awareness.

Yoga offers the practitioner an opportunity to still the mind through the ongoing practice of inner observation and focus in movement, and with this quiet, stilled mind our awareness grows and we recognize the true miracle of Being.

One is moved to a state of deep appreciation for the

Source that is at the core of All that Is.

Yoga can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. A yoga practice can help alleviate insomnia by increasing endorphins and lessening the production of cortisol, helping those who engage in it's practices enjoy greater relaxation. Practicing yoga improves respiration and increases oxygen flow, improving pulmonary function.

If you're interested in improving balance, flexibility, mobility, and stability, yoga is a perfect way to do so. Through the Golden Age Yoga practices, those in their elder years can benefit greatly, ensuring themselves of greater independence and movement. A consistent yoga practice can actually strengthen bones, increasing both their strength and density. Yoga benefits the internal organs and the lymphatic system in so many ways some of which are through muscular engagement, stretching, twisting, inversions and much more. A yoga practice can truly benefit one's mental health, enhancing one's happiness, life-satisfaction, sense of well-being, mindfulness, and even

benefiting social relationships.

Through this ancient practice we are able to develop qualities that enhance our lives in innumerable ways. We build on the qualities of Resilience, Radiance, and Renewal.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and challenges as they occur in life. To be able to adapt well and bounce back with ease during times of stress, psychologically, emotionally, physically, and even, in a broader sense, as a commUnity.

Developing Resilience strengthens one's ability to meet obstacles, challenges, disappointments and even what we might view as failures with a sense of grace.

As we strengthen our bodies we become more able to move through the physical world with stability, balance and strength which, in turn, increases our Resiliency. On a more subtle level, we build Resilience through the quieting of the mind and by honing our skills in remaining centered through challenges which require effort and focus.

The practice of yoga, just like life, is not linear, but rather it is very much like a spiral, each new opportunity to practice, to meet life's challenges, to travel along the spiral path within, deepens the senses and brings empowerment and a deeper understanding that fosters the quality of Resilience

within the practitioner.

As we begin each Golden Age Yoga practice with a Loving Kindness meditation, also known by the Pali word Metta and in Sanskrit Maitri, we open our hearts. We slow down and find the rhythm of breath as it breathes us. As we settle into the inner world, letting go of the occurrences of the outside world, we become attuned to something much deeper, our inner body and our heart space. With the expansion of the breath and the calming of the mind, we experience our own Radiance. The glow of Radiance grows as we allow ourselves to shine from within. This inner, expansive quality comes with us into the activities of our lives and touches those we meet.

We glow with Radiance...this too is Yoga.

With each practice comes Renewal. We feel the soles of our feet firmly planted on our mats. We feel our breath, the muscles and sinews move together in a beautiful, choreographed harmony. We become aware of our inner body. We tune in to the intrinsic quality of our authentic being and from there we experience the sweetness of living with inspiration. As we breathe we experience our intimate relationship with life itself. We sense our deepest connection to strength, stamina, feeling grounded and being tuned in to our own energetic field.

We are Renewed.

This is Resilience, Radiance, and Renewal.

This is the practice.

This is a place where you can feel welcomed and encouraged.

This is Golden Age Yoga.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to this practice!


Currently I am continuing to offer a 30 day FREE trial.

As we move ahead towards Spring, this is a great time to begin a practice or reconnect with your practice.

Start just exactly where you are!

There are approximately 25 classes each month, including 4 morning and one evening class each week.

We practice together online, so you are able to practice from the comfort of your own home.

Have a cup of tea, turn on your chosen device, roll out your mat, gather a few props, and you're all set for practice!


There are 3 plans to choose from, each offering a 30 day FREE trial,

The Resilient Yogi plan is the one to choose to practice live with me and other Yogi friends.

If you're completely new to yoga I will be happy to meet with you privately online to give you a brief foundational understanding of how to begin your practice.

Check it've got absolutely nothing to loose and so much to gain



Sending You Love

From My Heart to Yours,




1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 25, 2023

I am truly blessed to be in the company of such a gifted yoga instructor. Your deep impassioned connection and extensive education with the benefits of the practice, especially for someone like me with existing physical issues, shine through with every pose. THANKYOU.


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