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Golden Age Yoga and Wellness...why I chose a new name.

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

It's been a while, hasn't it?! Sometimes life (and death) takes us down unexpected roads and time moves on...and on and on. The loss of a friend who asked me to be his trustee has been occupying large chunks of my time...I've missed sharing with you in this way. So here I am, watching the days grow shorter as we approach Autumn.

Here are some thoughts I'd like to share.

The Golden Age of humanity as a concept moves me very deeply. The idea of all beings living in absolute harmony has been my dream since my early teens. So, years ago, when I needed a way to identify the classes I taught at our nearby yoga studio, I thought the dual concepts of the words "Golden Age" were the perfect fit. The Golden Age of humanity and the Golden Age of those who, like me, are enjoying these "Golden Years" seemed to be the perfect marriage of concepts and words.

I am one who, after a decade of growing more used to the idea of being "chronologically older", feels a sense of empowerment in acknowledging my elderhood, and it was impressed upon me that not everyone, and very possibly most, don't share this feeling and even shy away from being "pigeonholed" as older. After all, growing old is not always easily embraced in our culture.

Hence I almost changed the name of my "brand", Golden Age Yoga, But I changed my mind! I have expanded my understanding and approach to my practice as being one that embraces "wellness" as a component of what I have to offer.

The appeal of being unlimited in what I might offer felt really good to me, especially since I've recently been certified as a Brain Longevity Specialist by the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation, adding to my previous studies in brain health and wellness (brain health is intrinsic to ALL that we are and do!). My desire to more fully comprehend and deepen my understanding of human biomechanics led me this year to delve deeply into yogic studies with physical therapists, yoga therapists and kinesiologists, and from these studies will be bestowed upon me a certification as a Yoga Wellness Educator. This course of study is focused largely on our aging population and addresses real life physical issues we might find ourselves facing as we grow in our elderhood.

I must admit right here that I am very dedicated to being of service and assistance to those of us over the age of 45, and even more so, to those of us over 60.

As an elder I recognize the specific challenges that come with a prolonged experience living with the force of gravity (24/7) X 365. I understand the reality of living with habit patterns, in Yoga we call these samskaras, and though they are formed unconsciously, they live in our bodies, and over time, we often experience these imbalances as discomfort in the physical body. I am here to help unwind these and find greater ease in these important years so that we are more able to enjoy our own lives as well as participate in life with our loved ones and friends. So that we are more able to sustain ourselves independently over the long term!

Yoga is a beautiful, holistic practice which incorporates body, mind and, if you will, spirit. With a regular yoga practice we are more able to improve our balance, at the very least of which will save ourselves from unwanted falls. We are more able to maintain and even grow in strength and flexibility, becoming resilient through the continuum of time. We are more able to bend, carry, and lift, lending greater joy to activities with grandchildren and affording us that independence I spoke of earlier. We learn to breathe in ways that quiet the mind allowing for a sense of peace and focused awareness, and thus we find greater joy in all that we choose to bring into clearer focus in our precious lives. Yoga can even improve the quality of one's sleep, which is so very necessary for our complete health and wellness. There are so many benefits to a sincere and well sequenced yoga practice, and it is my heartfelt desire to bring this to you!

So...I changed the name slightly, adding the wellness component to my brand...

I still believe it is we who are the bringers of the light, the bringers of the Golden Age. We are among the many who are harbingers of a sweeter time, when all beings live in peaceful harmony here, on our still beautiful planet.

I invite you to see what is offered on my website. There are classes as well as over 125 video recordings which are continually being added to.

Click here to see more....

A list of classes is available to see by clicking here

Take a peek at the large video library by clicking here

I'm hopeful that late next Spring I'll be offering beginners classes and some series on posture improvement and core strength (this may surprise you as it's a different way of relating to the core) as well as some series on shoulders, hamstrings and hips.

For now I'm continuing my studies as well as completing (hopefully in the next couple of months) my trusteeship for the estate of a friend and student who recently passed. Being a trustee has proven to be a huge absorption of my time, yet a worthy experience from which I have learned so much. I feel honored to have these rich as well as enriching experiences pass through the space and time of the life I have been blessed with.

May we all be Happy and at Peace

May we continue in Good Health of Body and Mind

May we be Generous and Wise

May we be filled with Love, Kindness, and Forgiveness


Sending You Love

From My Heart to Yours,




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Unknown member
Sep 05, 2022

You are the BEST. Thank you.

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